Meeting our maker, judgement after death

I have heard many people in recent days questioning why there has been a rash of shootings that culminated in suicides. I believe that much of it can be traced to wrong view of eternity.

Human beings can be motivated to do outrageous things if the end appears to justify it. Japanese pilots crashed their planes in waves because they had been indoctrinated to believe that such noble deaths would bring honor in the afterlife. ISIS have been taught that a line of virgins await those who die in an attempt to kill infidels.

The Weight Watcher program has promoted the loss of tons of excess weight by encouraging participants to gather each week to face the unbiased scales. Diabetics walk away from tempting sweets in fear of what their blood sugar meters will say.

For over 30 years our culture has worked to squash the reality of the likelihood of judgement after death. Evolution teaches that there is no Creator. Secular humanism teaches that man has the answer and death simply leads to an end of being.

All around us the voices ring out “Life’s a beach then you die.” So do what feels good in the moment and die. After all the demise of the mass murderer and the humble Christian leads to the same end right? Or does it?

The truth is that when we die we’re all gonna meet our Maker! Life without the reality of judgement after death causes people to kill, steal and destroy at the bidding of an unseen foe.

Rick Headley