No changes planned for Ohio Street

Marietta’s location on the confluence of two rivers, the Muskingum and the Ohio, graces our city with a most spectacular and scenic view. Residents of the Ohio Street condominiums on one of Marietta’s tree lined brick streets need only to look out their front windows to enjoy this breathtaking landscape.

Because of the scenic view, other residents and visitors to our city often choose to travel this route. From time to time, traffic has been a cause of concern for several of the residents of Ohio Street. Because of their concerns, several of the homeowners attended a traffic commission meeting in August of 2015 to urge the commission to look at the volume and speed of cars using Ohio Street between Third and Fifth streets.

With the assistance of the Marietta Police department, speed of cars was studied and it was found that most of the cars were traveling at rates of speed that were lower than posted speed limits.

Findings were presented to the residents and those in attendance agreed with the following:

¯ If the street was made one way, drivers might actually increase their speed.

¯ Speed bumps should not be installed on historical brick streets.

¯ Installation of signage saying “No thru trucks” would limit the number of trucks that could legally travel on Ohio Street.

The suggestion that Ohio Street be closed to thru traffic was denied because it is a city street open to drivers who choose to travel that scenic route.

After the traffic study was done, the Traffic Commission recommended no additional action would be taken. In June of 2016, a letter was sent by a resident saying he thought the new sign and increased police presence had brought about the desired results.

During the summer of 2017, a newer resident of the two hundred block of Ohio Street came forth to express his concerns about pedestrian safety, speeding, and later, the width of the street. Again, the traffic volume and speed were studied over several days. The second study recorded less volume and only two cars driving 35m.p.h. in a 25m.p.h. zone. Again, no changes are recommended.

The Marietta City Council and the Traffic Commission appreciate the involvement of citizens in our local government and encourage them to share their suggestions and concerns.

Kathy Downer, chair

Marietta City Council

Streets and Transportation