No need for more bumpouts in Marietta

I hope that the city does not put in the bumpouts at Third and Sacra Via streets — Fourth Street should be a good example of a bad idea. It has served no purpose other than to cause a major mess when it rains and to cause traffic to run over the curbs and put children closer to the moving traffic when they are waiting on the light. I saw people today waiting on the light with two dogs and they were standing way back up on the bum pouts so their children and dogs were not close to us as we drove by.

There is no reason for any of the children in this area to cross Third Street to get to Washington School. They can cross the side streets on Sacra Via and on Montgomery.

I have talked to several people who live around here and they also think it is a great waste of money as was Fourth making it Lake Washington every time it rains. This project was a disaster from the beginning and I can’t think that the same thing will happen at Third Street. All the plans for Fourth were wrong from the beginning and cost the city a lot of money and it is still not right. These intersections were not paid for by grants and the city picked up the remaining outstanding billing.

I would think that the city has a lot of other things that really need to be done instead of wasting money on this unnecessary project. This may sound selfish but we as drivers of Fourth and Third should be considered as well as the hospital traffic and law enforcement vehicles.

Linda Gant