Oxender works tirelessly for City of Marietta

You may not have had the opportunity to meet her, but I am sure you have heard her name. She is the hardest working council member we have!! She works tirelessly for our city. She is so involved in our community. She has a job teaching, and yet she can be seen all around town working for us!

There is not enough space allowed to tell you all her accomplishments, but I will give you a few of the important things she has done. She voted NO on a tax increase; she worked with the Board of Realtors to establish the Beautiful Home Awards Program; she worked on the committee to establish the first ever ½ Marathon to raise private funds for the city needs; she served on the Police and Fire committee to develop an impound lot which is a revenue stream for Police and relief to taxpayer gouging.

She has done so much more like returning ALL phone calls from our citizens. She has assisted in the committee to have extra patrols for neighborhoods, zoning situations for clients, wheelchair access ramps, police situations needing various attention.

She supports other candidates by giving advice when asked, she donates to fundraisers for other candidates, she walks in parades, she goes door to door campaigning and answering questions, she does phone calls, she volunteers for the state party by her presence representing Washington County. I see her at many state events furthering her knowledge by sharing with other counties her ideas and listening to theirs. She truly works for all of us!

I ask you to vote CINDY OXENDER as I will be doing so that she can continue what she has started on our city council.

Marilyn Ashcraft