President’s tax plan deserves support

The American family looks very different now than it did 30 years ago. Today, women make up about half of the American workforce, and the number of women entrepreneurs has more than doubled since the 1980s.

Despite these advancements for women, our nation’s tax code has remained the same since President Reagan’s tax overhaul in 1986. It is critical that we update our tax code to complement the modern American family and provide relief to the middle-class.

One aspect of the tax code in desperate need of updating is the child tax credit, which was created to help alleviate the various expenses when it comes to raising children. Expanding the child tax credit will help working families invest more into their growing family.

Every day, mothers like me have to make decisions regarding childcare, after-school programs, and which schools to send our child.

We want the best of the best for our children, and costly taxes should not affect those decisions.

Senator Sherrod Brown should support our president’s plan for tax cuts, and vote for a modern plan that helps working mothers and the modern American family.

LeeAnn Johnson