Shoaf wants to improve Marietta now, for the future

I met Shoaf a little over a year ago when we moved into the house next door. We had no idea we were getting such great neighbors with a young family like ours. We soon learned that Shoaf and her husband were very welcoming, kind, and the type of neighbors that take your garbage in when you forget. As I got to know Shoaf better I learned that she is a great mother that stays involved with her church and community. I was surprised how concerned she was for others when she was so busy herself. She and her husband became foster parents, went on a service mission to New York, and helped run a religious sports camp, all while having a newborn baby.

All these things not only show Shoaf’s desire to help others but her great work ethic and dedication to making the world around her better. She has that same passion for Marietta and wants to make it a better place now but also a better place for her daughter and son to live for years to come. Please join me in voting for Cassidi Shoaf for an at large seat on Marietta’s City Council.

Bethany Atwood