Shoaf will be advocate on city council

Cassidi Shoaf knocked on my door one day several weeks ago. As the mother of someone in politics, I’m not unaccustomed to meeting officeholders and to hearing political speeches; in fact, sometimes it seems we get more than we deserve! But Shoaf impressed me as someone who authentically cares about our community and about doing what’s best for our citizens, young, old (like me!), and those in between.

When I was a young mother, I stayed at home to raise our three children, but I sought out ways to be engaged in our community. Shoaf is a mother of two young children, and she aspires to make a positive difference for Marietta as well. Her faith, her strong principles, her education (she is an industrial engineer), her engaging personality and amazing smile, convince me that she will be an effective advocate for Marietta’s citizens, and will implement a vision that will favorably impact our town for years to come.

Shoaf knows that small businesses (like the one my family launched 40 years ago) bring quality of life and real vocational opportunities for our citizens. We should look for ways to provide an economic climate that does not obstruct growth; we should be respectful of property rights and we should empower those entities that generate tax revenues, not merely those that consume them.

Please join me on election day (or whenever you cast your ballot) in voting for Cassidi Shoaf for Marietta City Council at large. You (and our city) will be glad you did! I also strongly support Glen McCabe for 4th Ward councilman.

Elsa Thompson