Support mental health levy to continue programs

Many thanks to the Marietta Times for it continuing coverage of mental health and substance abuse disorders. It’s clear the gravity of the situation is real and immediate, and more prevention, treatment and recovery programs are needed if we’re going to alleviate these countywide issues.

One way we can share in providing the programs needed is voting yes for the mental health levy on Nov. 7. This may be the most opportune moment to vote yes as the Washington County Commissioners have cut other countywide levies by .6 mil; so a vote yes for the .5 mil mental health levy will still net most property owners a .1 mil decrease in taxes.

Although our sheriff’s department is working hard in the area of interdiction, we are not going to arrest our way out of the mental health and substance abuse disorders we face. Enhancing and making additions to prevention, treatment and recovery programs, supported by the Washington County Behavioral Health Board, will go a long way to securing a brighter future for all of us.

Please vote yes Nov. 7 in support of the mental health levy. Thank you.

Michael Beardmore

Co-chair of the

Washington County

Mental Health Levy