Support Shoaf for city council

I am writing to encourage others to support and vote for Cassidi Shoaf for city council. She demonstrates qualities that I believe all civil leaders should exemplify if they are to serve their community well. I am privileged to attend the same church as Shoaf and her husband. She is an active volunteer at the church and in the city. In these settings, I have seen her exhibit much leadership.

Shoaf is first and foremost a servant leader. She is more concerned about meeting others needs and helping them achieve their goals than going after her own agenda or being seen as an authority figure. She also has a high sense of values and morality. I am confident that when it comes time to make tough decisions on city issues she will not compromise on the values that many of us in Marietta agree on.

In my opinion, this is the exact type of leadership that we want all civil leaders to possess, those who prioritize serving and choose to uphold the values of the community. A leader that is not in office to serve is likely only there for their own personal agenda. Shoaf is running because she loves Marietta and believes that Mariettas best days are not behind but lie ahead.

I fully support and will be voting for Cassidi Shoaf on Nov. 7.

Nathan Lord