Vote for Mallett, he cares for children

Voters in the Marietta City School District should support Doug Mallett’s candidacy for the district’s school board.

Mallett has years of experience and success in the business world, having retired after 25 years of service to Advantage Bank (now Huntington National Bank). He continues to be active in Mallett Rentals and in oil and gas related activities.

Mallett has a profound interest in the well being of children as he has proven by his years of loyal assistance to Washington County Children Services. He worked diligently with other volunteers promoting ballot issues in an attempt to increase the taxes that provide financial support to children services. After two failed attempts to obtain majority support for those tax levies, Mallett and his partner Jim Vuksic founded the Foster Families Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to provide financial support to foster parents so they can provide their foster children with the “extras” of young life such as school activity fees. The Foster Families Foundation is off to a promising beginning after a highly successful Tanya Tucker benefit concert at Peoples Bank Theatre.

A quality education for local students has been one of Mallett’s areas of interest for many years. By placing his name on the ballot, Mallett is offering to lend his extensive management skills for the benefit of Marietta City Schools. We should accept his offer.

I urge the voters of the Marietta City School District to mark their ballots for Mallett.

Bob Kirkbride