Vote for Schenkel for city council

Marietta 4th Ward voters, I write this letter of support for Geoff Schenkel who is running for a the 4th Ward seat on the Marietta City Council. As a resident of the 4th Ward, I am confident that Geoff Schenkel has what it takes to represent the citizens of Marietta. I also know Schenkel in another capacity, as a Partner in Education with Harmar Elementary, and as a mentor coordinator for Building Bridges to Careers. In this role he has shown outstanding citizenship, leadership, and insight for developing both programs. Schenkel is an individual who pays great attention to detail. He listens to those whom he represents and he acts upon the needs of others to improve situations. I have seen his way of acting and responding and the benefit that it has had on our community and residents of all ages. Therefore, it is without a doubt that I know Schenkel will use those same skills to listen and represent the residents of the 4th Ward. By voting for Geoff Schenkel you can guarantee that your voice will be heard, initiatives will be acted upon for your benefit, and progress will be made for the city of Marietta.

Jona S. Hall

4th Ward resident