Vote McCabe for Marietta City Council 4th Ward

Two good men are vying for Marietta’s 4th Ward Council seat. Both are hardworking, thoughtful, intelligent, approachable, and successful in their own careers. Each has demonstrated a passion for community service. But choosing the best one for the particular job at hand is important. And every vote counts.

What is the job of the next council? What do we expect the 4th Ward Councilman to do? Does it really make any difference which candidate is elected? Won’t either man do his very best and won’t that be good enough?

Current council members have acknowledged that streets/alleys are now funded on a “shoe-string budget” and, in general, “the potential to do any real infrastructure upkeep or upgrades is gone unless we (take on additional debt)”. Cuts to current expenditures have been made and more will be needed. So, for the new city council, this will be the job – pay constant attention to finances and make tough budgeting decisions.

Glen McCabe promises to refocus city spending on basic city services, hold off of spending for the “nice to have’s”, avoid debt overextensions, and apply the discipline required — month by month — to put the overall budget back in order. He sees the fiscal challenge, and is qualified and ready to help council tackle it.

Glen McCabe is the seasoned, practical, plain-spoken choice for 4th Ward Council. Vote McCabe for budget-conscious, common sense government.

Tom Fenton