Vote Shoaf for Marietta City Council

At a glance, one might assume that Cassidi Shoaf doesnt fit the mold of what a politician is (apparently)supposed to be. She’s not particularly imposing. She doesnt dominate the conversation with fanciful rhetoric or platitudes. She isnt selling anything. She isn’t even speaking, necessarily.

Cassidi Shoaf is listening.

(Crazy, I know.)

She’s listening to what you are saying. Learning. Analyzing. Downloading the content of the situation. This is a notion that seems to have been lost in these heated and divided political times. She wants to attack every problem that faces her home of Marietta with the same methodical, diligent, and logical temperment she utilizes as an industrial engineer.

If it sounds like maybe I was describing a robot, I assure you I am not. Shoaf and her husband, Justin, are deeply compassionate people whose faith in God informs every decision they make. My family has been honored to share a friendship with them for several years and have observed and experienced the caring integrity they show to every person. Shoaf represents a growing presence of young, conservative-principled, Faith minded people who are ready to engage in and affect government.

For all these reasons, and so many more, I am voting Cassidi Shoaf for Marietta City Council. I would encourage any of my fellow Marietta residents to do the same.

Roi Wolf