Warren school district looks to build on positives

Warren school district looks to build on positives It is election season. A time for voters to learn about their candidates’ qualifications, skill sets, and performance. I have served as a Warren Local School District Board of Education member for nearly nine years. During that time the Warren Local School District has seen many changes. Early in my time on the board Warren High School had indoor gutters and rain pans under ceilings in classrooms due to failing roofs. There was no manufacturer’s warranty in place to cover our failed roofs. This put our district in a very tough financial situation. We did not have the funds to replace the roofs and make other necessary repairs to failing district assets. Since that time, we have made a concerted effort to improve planning, maintenance standards and take proactive actions to ensure we did not permit that situation to repeat itself. Mr. Newton, superintendent, understood the need to change our maintenance strategy and frankly the culture of our district in maintaining facilities. I have chaired the Operations Committee for many years. This committee coupled with efforts of Mr. Newton, Mrs. Spence, and Mr. Mayle has made great strides improving our facility maintenance. No longer will a low standard be acceptable. The district deserves much more than that standard. Since that time six years ago, we have made great progress. It is a great time for the Warren Local School District. Students, staff, and administrators are high achievers. Our district is seeing much positive activity. There is an even brighter future on the horizon. All of our district areas are being included in planning and progress meetings. We are one district, not a district of separate areas. Because of all of the positive activities going on the district, I was surprised to see a very negative letter to the editor in the Marietta Times. In his letter the writer made insinuations against my character. He insinuates intimidation, bullying, threats, and repercussion. The letter writer apparently is at best uninformed on the matter. He apparently does not know that in the past there was a concern about that type of activity. I drafted the policy for Board Members Conduct which was reviewed and passed by the entire board of education. This policy strictly prohibits the behaviors he lists in his comments. Board members are not permitted to behave in that manner. I cannot say what actions may have occurred in the past before my time on the board of education. The past cannot be changed. We have taken steps to prohibit those actions from occurring now or in the future. What we as a district should focus upon is how the district can attain its full potential. Voting and freedom to support candidates is an American right. I would hope the letter writer would focus on his preferred candidates’ skill sets and qualifications instead of throwing mud and making insinuations in an effort to strengthen his candidates. I extend an invitation to the letter writer to discuss the matter with me. My cell number is 740-516-9394. Please call to discuss any instances in which you have heard I intimidated, bullied, threatened, or made reference to repercussions. I simply do not behave that way. If you call, you will find that I am professional, thoughtful and reasonable. Not one time in my nearly nine years on the board have I ever given direct commands to district staff, intimidated, bullied, threatened, or suggested repercussions to any district employees, administrators or the superintendent. I understand politics can result in negative comments. In this case, the letter writer is misleading the public by his insinuations and fabrications about me. While politics are politics. Lying and character assassination without merit should not be acceptable behavior. I urge residents to contact Mr. Newton, district administrators, and staff. Inquire if they have ever felt they were intimidated, bullied, threatened, or faced repercussions from Bob Allen. Now is not the time to let someone throw mud to stop the progress being made in the Warren Local School District. Please do not be misled by false comments made in a public forum. I welcome discussion and questions. You may contact me at 740-516-9394 or at reallen5157@gmail.com. Bob Allen, president Warren Local Board of Education