We should be wary of Republican ‘tax plot’

For eight years Republicans opposed everything that Democrats tried to accomplish. They voted incessantly to repeal the Affordable Care Act knowing that “effort” would never become law. They were safe from doing anything but opposing progress.

One would think that they would’ve used that time to prepare for when they gained full power in government. They didn’t. They are so accustomed to just opposing they now have been voting down their own bills which were conceived in secret by Republicans only.

Presently they are rushing to pass a new tax plot, again written in secret, which every congressional and professional review committee points out is a welfare present to the wealthy and super rich. Then they claim if they don’t pass this bill their corporate and mega-wealthy donors will not bribe them anymore.

This tax conspiracy rewards their donors and other lazy folks like themselves. Folks who own businesses and are hands-on employers, who work to improve and grow their enterprises for their employees and themselves will pay more under this plan than business owners who do not participate in the work, hand that off to managers and employees and simply take the profits. More welfare for the lazy rich.

The serial lying which oozes from the White House has infected congressional Republicans like a virus. They want us to trust them and not believe every economic and fiscal review which states their tax trickery is a fraudulent invention which blows up the sinking ship of U.S. debt to give their rich donor masters more and more money.

Tom Anderson