America is quick to forget the past eight years

The Republicans recently passed tax cuts without a single Democrat vote. All of a sudden, the Democrats have become budget hawks screaming about the deficit. The tax cut to the corporation rate was absolutely necessary for us to become competitive throughout the world. Corporations only pay 9 percent of the federal taxes, which is minuscule compared to the rewards that we the people are going to receive. The majority of the corporations, unlike the Democrats want you to believe, are owned by the American people through stocks and bonds. Anyone who has a pension and profit sharing plan owns a portion of many of those corporations. Also the tax break to the corporations will help us create more jobs and repatriate $25 trillion that is currently offshore. It will help improve the infrastructure of many factories that are failing because they didn’t want to bring the money back to refurbish them. Overall the tax cut to the corporate rate will help every day Americans. This is contrary to our spender in chief, Obama, who in eight years ran up a $10 trillion debt. The debt that he created actually hurt the economy. While president, he increased the number of federal workers, which was a drain on the economy. At the same time, he expanded the welfare state. In the initial Obama spending spree, $800 billion went to a lot of his donors and Democrat friends. Only 8 percent of the Obama stimulus went to infrastructure, creating a huge disservice to future generations. That money did not come back to the American people like it will with the Trump tax cuts. We will have more money in our pockets that will actually help the economy than worsening the economy.

Amazingly, Maxine Waters and the Hollywood elites are screaming for Trump to be impeached. Trump has not been proven to have had any Russian collusion, in fact, everything was based on a false dossier. Trump’s constitutional rights were violated when he was wire tapped on that fake report. Realistically, why would Russia want Trump to be president when they could have had Hillary who would have been a push over for the Russians, i.e. Russia/Hillary reset button? The president that should have been impeached was Obama. In the middle of the night, he sent $1.7 billion to the Iranians in unmarked bills. This was strictly unconstitutional. Any spending should have been authorized by Congress, not by the Executive branch. At the same time, he told the DEA to ignore Hezbollah, allowing them to send heroin to our shores killing the young people of this country. Why did no one call for his impeachment? In Afghanistan, Obama had idiotic rules of engagement that caused hundreds of American soldiers to die unnecessarily. Outside of a few parents who lost their children, no one questioned these ignorant instructions.

There is no logical explanation how as a country we have become so polarized. Some of it is understandable if people watch CNN and MSNBC and the other news channels that spew anti-Trump rhetoric all day long, creating the so called Rush Limbaugh low information voters. Recently there was a piece in the Drudge Report that said in 2018 the Republicans will most likely lose the House. This is truly amazing that we the people could be so stupid and so quickly misinformed that we forget about the horrendous past eight years and want to return to that misery?

George Tokodi, D.O.