Congress must make hard budget decisions

Since childhood, I have been led to believe our government was working for the American citizens. Today’s conditions in Washington, D.C., have blown that belief away. The American citizens are working for the government! This tax bill that they are having so much fun with proves it. Folks my age — 85 — have paid into Social Security all our lives. We have also paid into Medicare ever since it came into being. Social Security money was supposedly in a Locked Box and not to be touched for anything else. Not sure exactly how it got dipped into but it did. The amount of money that has been lent to the government is mind boggling. Now it is a part of the national debt which the American people are helping pay off. Somehow this wrecks the assumption that we have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

When I look over my utility, cable, phone, and internet bills, I find federal fees attached. It appears on almost every bill I have except for food. I think there are approximately 300 million folks in the USA. I figure if every one of us paid $1 in taxes in an hour, that’s an enormous amount of money going to the government in 24 hours. Math is not my best suit, but I do know there seems too little excuse for our government to even contemplate shutting down for lack of funds.

It would be more practical to lower the expense of government waste. Such as closing down some of the Pentagon’s golf courses, limit personal perks for every Congress man or woman, cut their pay if they don’t at least vote once in a while on important bills.

In other words, handle the job and money they get the same way we handle ours:

Make a budget and follow it. What bothers me the most is they know how to do it. However, that would mean tightening their own belts for a change.

Businesses often have to make pay and bonus cuts to stay afloat. Why should the members of Congress be any different?

Lois J. Lonaker