Don’t be fooled by socialist messages

In response to the letter of Dec 21: Robin Hood was a fantasy, a movie, make believe hero. Contrary to what the democrat, socialist, liberal, progressive, marxist party says they’re not interested in taking from the rich to the poor for the sake of the poor. Their only aim is to subject all classes of people to being subservient to the “benevolent” democrats. Their two-sided approach is to rob the “evil” rich, and con the rest of us about their so-called good intentions. They want all of us to live under their control. So if we want to live, we need to obey them.

The writer spoke of the $1.5 to $4 trillion debt buildup the tax bill is supposed to create. The $4 trillion number is a real stretch of the truth. She, however, neglected to acknowledge the “doubling” of the debt over the last eight years under the democrat socialist empire. Our childrens’ future was already sold out during those eight years.

Her claims about elections spark only disgust with the democratic party and Clinton scandals.

Her claims about Rep. Johnson and Sen. Portman are only democrat bull. I personally have called Sen. Brown’s office several times and have never been able to speak with anyone, and all my messages have been apparently ignored. She also neglected to state that the democrats, socialists, liberals, progressives have not offered one single idea to help Americans escape the over taxing, but only how they need to be in total control of all of us.

Being a democrat mouthpiece is just as bad as being the devil’s mouthpiece.

The middle class spoke very clearly when President Trump was elected.

Thank you all for taking time to read this article. Don’t be fooled by the socialists message.

Eric R. Brant