Greatness of founding fathers vital to our history

Recently, a church in Alexandria, Va., removed a plaque with George Washington’s name on it. General Washington frequently visited that church for Sunday services. Washington was a slave owner and a wealthy man at that time. However, he risked everything he had, including his life to lead the American Revolution. If we would have lost the Revolution, he would have been hung for treason. There is no question that without him we would have lost the Revolutionary War and not have the United States of America we have today. And without America, the world would be so much different. To quote Ronald Reagan, “we are the shining city on the hill.” The Japanese would have held half of the world in captivity forcing them to work like slaves. Hitler would have conquered the rest of the world, killing off the majority of the other ethnicities. Stalin would have killed millions and millions of more people than he did.

This goodness that America has and does comes through divine intervention. George Washington was guided by this divine intervention. He had so many close encounters with death and every time he survived. In the French and Indian War George Washington was a Colonel in the Virginia Militia as they attacked the French and Indians at Pittsburgh. He was shot multiple times and not a single bullet ever penetrated his clothing. In one battle during the Revolutionary War he had three horses shot out from underneath him and was never injured. Multiple battles he had bullets lodged in his clothing but never penetrated his body. When crossing the Delaware on Christmas Eve to capture the Haitians, he fell out of the boat into the icy waters of the Delaware River and he never died of hypothermia. On Long Island he was surrounded by the British and they were ready to capture him and his Army, however in August, where it is a rarity to have a thick heavy fog, such a fog came in which allowed George Washington to escape Long Island and not be captured by the British. The American Indians considered him almost god-like after witnessing his invincibility in battle.

It is appalling how our new generation is ignorant of American history and the accomplishments of our great founding fathers who gave credit to divine guidance. Without these great men, we would not have the greatest Republic in the history of the world.

George Tokodi, D.O.