Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

There are many holidays this time of year and in SE Ohio most folks will be acknowledging Christmas. If you are celebrating Christmas and are concerned about putting Christ back in the holy day, I have a suggestion.

There are between 335 thousand and 350 thousand churches in the USA. I guess it depends on what one counts as a church. According to the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development there are 554 thousand countable homeless in the so-called richest country on earth.

While you are at church this season speak to the leader and the congregation. Don’t be shy. Speak up. Jesus would have. If every church would “adopt” two homeless folks perhaps everyone would have at least a manger to sleep in this Christmas Eve.

After you’ve sung your holiday hymns and admired your twinkling evergreen do a Christian thing. You can put Christ into Christmas.

Tom Anderson