Parent wishes for a safer Ohio 7 to travel

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a dash cam for my SUV. You see, I travel Ohio State Route 7 between Belpre and Marietta every day. Sometimes three trips per day. I have a great SUV with beeps to tell me when something or someone gets too close and it can even break if called upon to do so.

The only thing I used to worry about is the occasional deer that would shoot across the highway. Now, I fear the semi tractor-trailers, the huge trucks filled with gravel, the brine trucks going to and fro, warehouse trucks and the tankers carrying gasoline. I know my SUV is no match for those vehicles.

Not to mention, that we now have plant employees shooting out from both sides of the highway. I know they’ve worked a long day and want to get home to their families but I want to get home to my family also.

On rainy days, we have what we call hydroplane alley by Bramblewood Heights. We frequently have accidents there and it’s not even safe for the first responders to respond.

Santa, I do not ask for my dash cam just for myself. I carry two precious girls who are counting on me to get them to their destination for the day. Santa if I had a dash cam recorder for my SUV, maybe I can make a safety video for all the Route 7 businesses to share with their employees.

Santa I’ve been a good girl with no speeding tickets or accidents. I just like to keep it that way!

Merry Christmas

P.S.: Santa an extra Ohio Highway Patrol officer would be a nice extra bonus Christmas gift for all those who travel Route 7.

Lynn Wile