Continuing to taunt North Korea is dangerous

In my memory are actually talking of ‘peace’- ‘peace’!, in what I can only describe as substantive, realistic dialogue — our misguided and oft delusional president starts taunting Kim … “my (nuclear) button is much bigger than yours — and it works!” I am simply stunned — this is insanity, again, from this guy. Why would one intentionally provoke someone who literally has the capability now — verified by international experts — of launching nukes as far as NYC! Yes, Kim is by all accounts a guy who does not really play with a full deck, but … this is all more the reason to simply “humor” him, as one would anyone clearly with an irrational history.

My God, what an opportunity this is to make the world safer! I just don’t get it and continue to fear almost everything that comes out of the White House.

John Rossi