Common sense is rare, but it’s needed

My family is involved in agriculture. Three of my sons run small farms with less than 50 head of hogs and cattle. We see farming and ranching as a part of our heritage. The agricultural tradition feeds America, so we need to keep it alive and well. To do so, we must put a stop to the over-regulation that is placing too great a burden on America’s farmers.

Without a doubt, people who work in agriculture are committed to conserving the land, so they don’t need further regulations. Overregulation causes unnecessary costs and creates hoops for farmers to jump through before they can get things done. For instance, the Obama EPA so overreached with the Waters of the United States rule that they were trying to say a tiny stream and dry creeks on private farmlands fall under government regulation. I have a pond above my house and a small stream that runs continuously into a creek across from my house, which isn’t even 30 feet wide. I certainly wouldn’t call that navigable waters, and it doesn’t need government oversight.

Common sense is rare today, but it’s definitely what we need when we make regulations about agriculture and pesticide use. I’m almost 60 years old, so I grew up with common sense. It’s a shame to see the lack of common sense adversely affecting us all today. I appreciate that President Trump is taking his stance on regulatory reform. These changes have been needed for a long time.

Daniel Macenko

Lower Salem