Candidate disagrees with fracking in national forest

On March 22, two days after the vernal equinox, a vulgar inequity is slated to occur near Marietta. On that dark day, two more parcels of the Wayne National Forest, some 345 acres of pristine land, are put on the auction block for lease to fossil fuel industries hell bent on extracting bountiful private profit from this beautiful public land, all with the blessings of the federal Bureau of Land Management. Since December 2016, one month after Trump’s election to the presidency, the BLM has allowed the leasing of over 2,300 acres of the WNF, a national treasure in Ohio, to profit-hungry fossil fuel frackers.

Why is this trafficking in natural resources and hydro-fracking of ancient shale in our national forest allowed?

Is the government a servant of the people or a pimp for the fossil fuel industry? There are severe penalties for human trafficking in Ohio. Why should it be different for the trafficking of Mother Earth?

Hands off our national treasure. Leave it the ground. Move on to green energy.

Werner Lange

Congressional candidate in the Democratic Party primary for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District