Good neighbors before, during, after the flood

After 100 years in downtown Marietta, Baker & Baker Jewelers is planning for the next 100. Many of us have survived depressions, recessions, wars, fires and many moves from previous floods. This time I was elated to see the latest flood crest prediction revised in the downward direction. A bittersweet sigh of relief. I was also elated to see the local officials in our communities up and down the river come together in a united front.

I welcomed the cohesiveness of the Chamber of Commerce, Marietta Main Street, county and city officials, our energetic student volunteers, Haessly Lumber, and many other organizations who came together to extend a helping hand. Kudos to all!

This was not our first, nor will it be our last flooding bout with old man river. The rivers that we value so much often remind us “never underestimate Mother Nature.” However, we are blessed with this overwhelming community spirit and we take immense pride in out beautiful green space and river frontage.

The real test now is our community clean up. We are putting our businesses and stores back together while longing for that lost revenue. That is where our customers’ consideration and loyal patronage must continue. As merchants, we will keep reinventing our businesses to come back stronger and better than before, and we count on our loyal customers to show their support by extending another helping hand by patronizing local businesses. Now it is time to prove we are all good neighbors. Spread the word that we are “open for business!” Come on down.

Larry W. Hall

Baker & Baker