Council should rethink location of marijuana facility

I believe Marietta needs to know that the facility the state has approved for the marijuana facility is not a good site location for our city.

The state just completed a makeover of the area trying to get traffic to flow better. Still between 3:30 and 6:30 it is awful trying to go through that area of town. ODOT estimates are 2,000 cars in a 24-hour period.

Now the state wants to put the marijuana facility in a building that only has one ingress and egress to the site. It is right turn only. The only other ingress and egress on Fourth Street is owned by the state and I have talked to them. If ownership of the property changes hands there and creates more than 20 percent traffic increase then there is currently, the state can resend the right of way.

The city does not need more traffic in this area when it is right next to where our children have activities at the stadium. Everyone knows when the ballgames get out to use caution. If the college was not privately owned this location would not pass because it can’t be near a school. They are disregarding the fact that the junior high and high school children use this facility along with other youth activities.

The city has other sites they can put this facility in and this is not the best location for our city.

If this proceeds to be the site they want I feel that the owners of the company putting the site in needs to do a traffic study to show this site will support the traffic that is projected. They are saying 12 employees and up to 36 clients.

I feel this is going to create another traffic hazard area like the one they have been trying to fix at the intersections of McDonald’s and Pike.

If they are allowed to do this, then our city starts paying for the consequences of their bad decisions. Main reason they are putting this there is to catch the West Virginia traffic but it is merely a matter of time before it will be legalized there.

The city can stop this by not allowing it. They have to OK it. I urge the citizens to have them choose another location.

Karen Strahler, Realtor


Purchase or lease

¯ Large population centers or the closest allowable medical marijuana community near a population center.

¯ Communities that have allowed medical marijuana via land use code (or have not prohibited via moratorium).

¯ At least 500 feet in distance from schools, churches, public libraries, public playgrounds, or parks.

¯ High traffic flow is key, with easy access. They like to follow big box stores (Walmart, etc.) as the demographic is already done.

¯ Parking is a biggie. 6-12 staff, with 12-24 for clients.

¯ Visibility and signage is important.