Swamp is drained and what’s left is worse

Swamps are a good thing.

Swamps teem with life: dragonflies, butterflies and moths, frogs, toads and newts, lizards and watersnakes. Millions of mosquitos that are food for birds and bats thrive in a swamp.

A swamp is home to a diverse mix of animal and plant life. Large animals come to water at swamps and migrating birds and geese depend on swamps as stopovers on their journey.

A swamp is part of a healthy ecosystem.

A swamp is a good thing.

But, alas, the swamp has been drained. In its place we have a cesspool, a latrine, the effluvia of a portajohn. The lime covered droppings of a country outhouse. Sad.

I miss the swamp!

Shirley Roddy