Make the United States united once more

As a Democrat, I was having trouble composing this letter until I heard Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings say, “We need to see each other.” Not only do we need to “see” each other but we need to realize that we “need each other.”

Our president has done a good job of turning us against one another. Not only do Democrats and Republicans disagree with those in their own party but some of us no longer trust our government institutions – unless of course President Trump gives them his stamp of approval and then it might be temporary as he is apt to change his mind. It must be hard for Trump supporters to keep up with what to believe from one day to the next.

President Trump has built his presidency on tearing down what his predecessors have done and he continues to denigrate the Democrats (and some Republicans) who have opposed him. We don’t even agree on his accomplishments or lack thereof. He continues to insult our allies and cozy up to dictators – even Putin who interfered in our presidential election. And he doesn’t seem to realize that North Korea’s promises mean nothing.

President Trump’s biggest failure was underestimating the outrage over his policy of separating parents from their children at the border of the United States – and then trying to blame the fiasco on President Obama. Our “child president” does what he wants with no thought of the consequences. Attorney General Sessions would do well to remember the Biblical reference to a millstone and those who would harm a child.

Our Democracy works so much better when we work together – when we meet somewhere in the middle to solve our problems. In other words, we need each other. And we need the immigrant community that provides the diversity, hard work and the many skills that our country requires.

So let’s all take a deep breath – perhaps several – and rid ourselves of the hate, prejudice & ugliness and work toward making the United States “united” again and a better place to live for the “least of these” as it is for the 1%. Because we really do need each other.

Carol Lazear Mitchell