Party before duty

Is the Republican president an outright not-so-secret Russian agent? Perhaps he is pathetically unknowing, narcissistically blinded to his expanding Putin’s happiness over the security of America. The answer is likely both.

The Republican congressguy from this district and the other 235 R’s in that chamber could defend their country. He, Bill Johnson, chooses to protect his deranged chief and not our election process.

This representative, Johnson, supports his delusional leader. It isn’t just fear. Johnson already is the “R” on November’s ballot. He can’t be wary of a neo-Nazi retiring him to Virginia. If he was respectful of his duty to you, the Constitution and this nation he would push his party to protect the investigation into Russian interference, protect our justice system and our elections.

But Johnson won’t do what is right. He protects his party majority and his security over your security and that of America’s election process.

Tom Anderson