Councilperson wants to set the record straight

Today I read the paper after several supporters called me. It was exceedingly peculiar to find myself credited with an idea that was actually that of Councilor Scales at a working Planning, Zoning and Annexation meeting to discuss possibilities to address the blight problem in Marietta (meeting minutes are recorded and on public record). The letter writer was present at this meeting, so the intent of sharing a letter to the editor that once again misrepresented the meeting facts seems unfortunate. Ironically, this discussion point was noted and after investigation, I’m told, would most likely not work. And although it most likely won’t work, that’s the beauty of council committee meetings – we are there to discuss possibilities, offer input, and develop plans to assist.

It’s no doubt that a variety of avenues should be discussed, investigated and then put into motion – it will take everyone to address the problem which face many towns and cities across the United States.

My only confusion, which is shared by more than a few that contacted me over the weekend, is why the letter writer would credit the wrong person with this innovative discussion point and why the very problem he is upset about was not addressed when he was Chair of the Planning, Zoning and Annexation Committee.

But, then again, as one neighbor shared with me — it’s easier to complain, point fingers and share inaccurate information rather than work to come up with creative solutions. So, keeping that in mind and the track record of the letter writers previous two communications to the editor, please feel free to contact me at my home number which is listed on the city councilor website if at any time there are future letters to the editor which don’t seem to make sense – I will be happy to chat with you about them!

Cindy Oxender

Chair of Buildings, Lands and Parks

Also serving on: Police and Fire, Special Utilities and Planning, Zoning and Annexation