Interesting observations of Sen. McCain’s funeral

It was quite obvious that there was a deep feud between John McCain and President Trump, even thru his illness and until his death, McCain held the grudge. Fortunately, Trump took the high ground after McCain’s passing. He ordered the flags at half mast, he sent Air Force Two to pick up McCain’s body in Phoenix and bring it to Washington, D.C., and most surprisingly he did not send out any tweets during the bereavement. His only tweet was in response to Meghan McCain’s passive aggressive comment during the eulogy.

It is interesting that Senator McCain would have Barrack Obama speak at his funeral knowing that Obama decimated the U.S. Navy while he was president. The United States under Obama decreased the number of Navy war ships to the levels we had in WWI. Only a third of the Marine planes were operational, as they could not obtain parts for those planes and had to cannibalize some of them to be able to fly others. The military was just severely reduced by Obama. Obama’s ignorant rules of engagement cost the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. McCain, being former military, had to realize these things but still had Obama speak at the funeral.

Then Meghan McCain, at her father’s eulogy, said that there was no need to make America great again because it was already great. Meghan, we do need to make America great again. The drug epidemic, which took off in 2008 with the election of Barrack Obama, is destroying 72,000 lives a year. President Bush was doing a good job fighting drugs. We almost eliminated cocaine. We were putting a stop to heroin coming in and every year there was less and less drug use, especially in young people. Once Obama became president, he stopped the spraying of cocoa plants in Columbia. He let Hezbollah have a free hand in smuggling heroin into this country and absolutely did nothing to stop the Chinese from producing Fentanyl. The decriminalization of marijuana smoking started after the election in 2008 which turns out to be more dangerous than we initially thought. Obama even once famously said, “that drugs don’t hurt you, look at me, I became president.” The European Union and Chinese were eating our lunch on trade, and the Chinese were stealing our industrial secrets. Also, 90% of the cyber-attacks were coming come from China. Under past presidents we signed some horrible trade deals that were destroying our economy, enacted burdensome regulations that were choking on industry, but now the Trump administration is trying to reverse all of this to make America great again.

George Tokodi, D.O.