Town Hall for 95th District candidates on Sept. 25

The voters in portions of Washington County may be confused as to the exact Ohio House District in which they reside. The reason is the gerrymandered districts that find neighbors on some streets voting in the 94th district while three doors away their neighbors are in the 95th district. In general, the city of Marietta is mostly in the 94th district with the exception of the Third Ward which is in the 95th. The remainder of the county is roughly divided into eastern, the 95th and western, the 94th.

Regardless of district, all voters need to make sure they are informed before going to the polls on Nov. 6. In the case of the 95th Ohio House District, the current representative, Andy Thompson is term-limited and is not eligible to run again. As a result two newcomers are running. The Republican candidate is Don Jones. The Democratic candidate is Dan Milleson. Both are from Harrison County.

Education Works, SEO is hosting a public Town Hall for voters in the 95th Ohio House District on Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the American Legion located at Seventh and Wooster streets in Marietta. Voter registration forms will also be available for anyone who is not registered or who needs to change their address.

Voters need to be aware that Ohio’s voter rolls have recently been purged. Individuals, who have not voted for a while or have moved since last voting, may find their vote challenged. If you are in doubt about the status of your eligibility to vote, please contact the Washington County Board of Elections prior to the Oct. 9 deadline or visit the Look UP tool at

Teresa Porter