Reader takes issue with county jail operations

I would just like to report the way our taxpayers’ money is being spent at the Washington County Jail. The inmates at the jail are being treated unfairly.

First of all, the commissary prices keep going up so they can’t afford to buy anything to eat. The phone calls are ridiculously priced which makes it hard to keep in touch with loved ones. They have now changed to a video visit which costs $10 just to see their loved ones over a TV and not even in person. The jail purchases a bottle of ibuprofen and sells it to the inmates for a price of, let’s just say, 50 cents a piece. Isn’t that like trafficking? I realize the inmates are in there for a reason, but being in this situation, they are not able to work so it basically puts the burden on the family members. Is all of this being done illegally?

Mona Chesnutt