Sheriff appeals to GOP in favor of a new prosecutor

Dear Sirs and Madams:

Your committee will soon have the task of selecting an individual to fulfill the open position of Washington County Prosecuting Attorney. I am writing as the Sheriff of Washington County, a long standing Republican office holder, and a fellow Republican. I believe Washington County needs a prosecutor with a strong belief in law and order and the preservation of ideals President Trump is advocating. Jeremy Wolfe is the right individual to appoint now and campaign for election in 2020.

Jeremy has a strong background in the prosecution of a wide range of criminal cases. He also possesses leadership and management qualities that would enable him to fulfill and manage the Office of Prosecuting Attorney. In the three years that I have known Jeremy he has always displayed qualities and attributes that evidence the highest moral and ethical standards. These are qualities we need to reestablish in this office.

Jeremy Wolfe is clearly respected by members of law enforcement in Washington County and an individual of high integrity and outstanding character. In my 55-year law enforcement career I have met and dealt with numerous attorneys and in my opinion Jeremy Wolfe is highly qualified and the best candidate to fill the position of Washington County Prosecuting Attorney.

Larry R. Mincks, Sr.

Washington County Sheriff


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