Visitors deserve to see Marietta at its best

As a former resident and frequent visitor to Marietta, I continue to be amazed how the town has transformed over the years and leveraged its location at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers to showcase the community. On any given day, you can stroll Front Street, and the downtown area, shopping locally at the numerous stores and restaurants or walk up Ohio Street to enjoy river views. If you were strolling up Ohio Street today, it would be difficult to view the river in some places because of the over grown weeds and high grass. A special thanks to the women who voluntarily take care of the planting beds. To ensure a positive impression for our visitors and residents, Marietta needs to apply more resources to keep Ohio Street and all the parks, looking good. Mowing the grass, keeping areas and riverbanks trimmed and weeds removed (some of which are over 5 feet tall) needs to be done on a more regular basis. Look no further than how Cambridge cares for its parks and public areas as a benchmark. I understand the limited budget the city has to work with, but priority should be on those areas that visitors see which influences their overall impression of Marietta.

Michael Hushion



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