MCS Levy Committee shows transparency

Many of you know that I have taught in the Marietta City Schools since January, 1972. During my tenure the buildings were in decent shape but let’s face it, they were OLD. It’s now 2019, and the newest building was built when I was graduating high school. So now they are all OLD. Useful? Debatable.

So we have elected a school board who looks at the best interest of our community as a whole and they felt it was time again to try to build a new facility. Some are happy with the idea and some are not. I get that. What bothers me is that I have talked with people who are misinformed. I have talked with people who are getting some info from social media that is misinformed. I just feel social media is not where I choose to get factual information. The one item that was on social media that really bugs me is that this board is being secretive about this ballot issue. Whatta heck is that? Don’t believe that junk!

There is a committee formed to market this school issue. Great source of info. The school board itself is a great source of info. Articles have been written in the newspaper that have given facts from time to time. Principals, PTO meetings, Partners in Education, all good sources of info, not FB’s.

Below are some examples of the transparency of this committee.

In the past several months, campaign signs have popped up everywhere. Every big event in Marietta since the River Roar, that committee has been active answering questions, providing information, including the fair parade and Sternwheel Festival. Members have gone door to door, made telephone calls, held public meetings with many, many more scheduled. Do you still think they are being secretive? One of the members is setting up times at the public library to answer questions. What a great resource.

That’s transparency.

No matter how you look at it, everyone knows now is the time. Here’s a fact: every time we don’t use the state’s money, the percentage goes down. Please attend one of the meetings. It would be great to see hundreds of people attend. There are no bad questions. Just ask. If something is bugging you, ask about it.

One last thing… Please know the difference between “ASSESSED value” and “market value.”

John R. Karas