People need to consider who is adhering to Constitution

In the Oct. 4 edition of The Marietta Times an article appeared concerning our government shutdown. The writer claims the Republican party is responsible for this present debacle by extorting, obstructing and sabotaging the American people. Arguably there are differing opinions but facts always trump fiction.

It was asked, how long are the American people going to tolerate this blatant sabotage of our government? First, the people need to ask themselves, who are the perpetrators of this sabotage and to what government sabotage is the writer referring? For now I want to follow-up that question with this question: how long are the American people going to tolerate the blatant sabotage of our Constitution and our Constitutional liberties? Since President Obama came into office the following attacks on the Amendments have occurred.

First Amendment – Eric Holder authorized the investigation of journalists, IRS targeting individuals and groups .

Second Amendment – proposed gun laws & restrictions, SOS Kerry signs UN Arms Treaty.

Fourth Amendment – President Obama’s authorization to the NSA to collect and monitor millions of phone records.

Fifth Amendment – Supreme Court determined that silence in court signifies admission of guilt.

Sixth Amendment – US citizens were killed by drones and/or murdered without the opportunity of a trial or in the case of Bradley Manning, delays in receiving a trial.

Tenth Amendment – Affordable Care Act gives power to the Federal Government that should have only been granted by an amendment.

Fifteenth Amendment – Supreme Court decided with a 5-4 vote to throw-out portions of the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

How long are the American people going to tolerate the blatant sabotage of our Constitution and our Constitutional liberties by a President, Senate, and administration that attack the Amendments to the Constitution as well as believe that it is a living document and therefore open to their interpretation?

To the question that was originally asked, how long are the American people going to tolerate this blatant sabotage of our government? The sleeping majority is awakening and to witness this awakening one just needs to look at the House of Representatives who in standing firm are representing the wishes of the people. The current blatant sabotage of our government is taking place because the Democrat Senate is refusing to treat all Americans fairly and chose to shut-down the government.

Or were you referring to the following? President Obama, who without Constitutional authority made changes, waivers, and exemptions to the ACA? President Obama and all the partisan Democrats who insisted to the American people that the ACA was not a tax and it was signed into law as not being a tax. And then once the constitutionality of the mandate was questioned in the Supreme Court, the attorneys defended its legality by making the ACA a tax, a tax that was never voted on in Congress.

President Obama’s non-recess recess appointments of three people to the NLRB? Washington’s approval to the IRS to target conservative and pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election? President Obama’s authorizing the NSA to pursue meta-data mining and domestic spying? President Obama and Hillary Clinton lying to the American people about Benghazi? President Obama bypassing the Senate and appointing Richard Cordray to run CFPB? President Obama instituting executive privilege to protect himself and Eric Holder in regards to Fast & Furious? DOJ with the Presidents authorization to obtaining and listening to phone conversations of Associated Press journalists?

President Obama violating the Constitution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval? President Obama’s decision to allow illegal aliens to stay in the United States legally in direct disobedience of US immigration law? The present Administration’s attempt to take away the First Amendment rights of religious organizations? The Senate and the President who have put politics over fairness in denying equal treatment of all Americans? Sadly, when the actions of the current President and Senate are reviewed the blatant sabotage taking place is against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and this Constitutional Republic.

In response to what you may or may not have learned in history, The United States of America is a Republic, and to be more accurate, it is a Constitutional Republic. As such and because of the foresight of the Framers of the Constitution, we have been afforded a system of checks and balances. One of those checks and balances is called the Power of the Purse. The Constitution provides Congress the power to control what money is raised by the national government and how it is spent. The Framers of the Constitution believed that Members of the House of Representatives were more in touch with the people and their interests, feelings, and circumstances. By giving the Power of the Purse to Congress, and more specifically the House, the Framers hoped to protect the people from the uncontrolled power of the government to raise taxes. The House of Representatives is doing their job whether you agree or not. The House is upholding the Constitution and defending it and it is their power to do so.

The Democrat Senate and the President have chosen to “shut down” the government by making the ACA their ultimate priority. The Democrat Senate and the President have chosen to “shut down” the government when they chose discriminating against Americans over funding the government. They “shut down” the government instead of treating all Americans fairly.

Republicans in the House have passed several bills to fund the government and give the same exemptions to the citizens as the President gave to big corporations, Congress, unions, and other special interest groups. The Democrats in the Senate vetoed all funding bills that were presented to them.

Think about it. Who is adhering to the Constitution and protecting the people and just who is ignoring the Constitution in order to fulfill an agenda? One group is pro big government, power, and control. The other group is pro smaller government, individual rights, freedoms and upholding the Constitution.

So, please tell me, which party is really sabotaging this country?

Mike Nicholson lives in Marietta.