Kindness alive and well in Marietta City Schools

My name is Alicia McIntire and I am the new principal at Washington Elementary. I am thrilled to be in my new position. Transitioning into a new job can be challenging at times, but the kindness I’ve been shown by the people of Marietta City Schools has made this a wonderful experience for me.

I would like to give our community a better sense of what a great group of people make up Marietta City Schools. Choosing to devote your career to working with children is a special calling, but the rewards are many. I reached out to our district and asked for stories of kindness they have experienced as a result of being part of our district. Their responses were, thankfully, too many to include in one article. I have included three for now and hope to share more in the future.

The first two stories demonstrate that often our children will show us the way if we will only stop to pay attention:


I think I might have one for you.  Our boys basketball coach, Glenn Dawson, shared this one with me. The team has had several wins since the start of the season and decided to hold off adding them to their winning board in the gymnasium until they got to the 1,300 win mark (which they accomplished in a thriller vs. Claymont).  The senior members of the team had decided that each of the seniors would be responsible for a portion of the process as several digits would change on the big count board.  After a bit of discussion these senior boys decided that the last digit on the win board would be added by a faithful member of the student section, Tyler Wise. You see Tyler has attended every game this year, home and away, in his unwavering support of this year’s team. Way to go Marietta Tiger Basketball, Marietta Tiger Student Section, all our faithful fans, all those that help each of these games to take place, our fantastic coaching staff and Tyler! What a milestone!!!

–Rick Guimond, Athletic Director

The second story comes from Bethany Colvin, a fifth-grade teacher at Washington Elementary:

I received this note last year from one of my students. He put it on my desk while I was around the room talking to students as our day started so I was completely surprised to find the note on my desk. He hated to write because of his difficulty with spelling but his mom said he went right home and wrote me this letter so I wouldn’t get in trouble. When I read your email, I automatically thought of his letter because it was so kind and he had my safety in mind.

Dear Ms. Colvin,

Your driver side back brake light is out. I wanted to tell you. So you don’t get a ticket. I noticed when you stopped in the alley and I just wanted to tell you.

Lastly, Susan Wells at Marietta Middle School wanted to point out the kindness that she saw in another staff member:


I don’t know if you know Karen Lamb, our MMS library aide.  She also does crosswalk duty at the bottom of the hill in the morning and afternoon. She noticed on a cold morning that one of our students wasn’t wearing a winter coat.  When she asked, she didn’t have one. Karen went ahead, bought a coat, and gave it to the young lady.

Kindness sometimes takes effort, sometimes comes easy, and sometimes changes your life when someone takes the time to share it with you. We often never know the effect our kindness will have on another. Kindness may not appear as a standard in our state curriculum, but rest assured it is alive and well in our schools on a daily basis.

If you have experienced kindness as a part of Marietta City Schools that you would like to share with me, please email me at I would love to hear your story.

Alicia McIntire is principal of Washington Elementary School.