Trump is president and all alarms are flashing red

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” — P.T. Barnum

I would bet the farm that is Donald Trump’s favorite quotation, just before “an eye for an eye.”

A year ago amidst Republican nastiness and name calling, I called Trump “The Artful Dodger” (Trump: The Art of the Dodge). I attempted my usual style to be fair, on the mark to thoughtfully provoke, and add wit to lighten the tone.

I thought him as a joke. I was certain that no freedom loving “true American” or any “genuine Christian” could vote for such a man; the greediest, most shallow, corrupt, vindictive, vulgar, fraudulent, dishonest, emotionally disturbed egomaniac that craves “worship” as a lone savior ever seen. Not to mention a potential “Manchurian President” subject to blackmail over alleged sexual perversity. Is there something I missed in the teachings of Jesus?

But it’s no longer a joke. All alarms are flashing red and the time I wish had never come is now to painfully provoke. It’s not about the “issues,” intended diversions. It’s about the same ages old struggle between good and evil. The contrast could not be more obvious and stark. In our current state of the union evil is winning. Blow up the system? Let’s pulverize its very foundation. Stay tuned.

But first if Trump deserved a label his voters do, too. But which fits best; something precise, inclusive and fair, yet stings deeply to induce remorse, embarrassment and shame? Deplorable certainly fits some but not nearly all. And really deplorable people feel no shame and like the name! That’s how evil works. But no one likes being called a sucker.

A sucker is “someone easily taken in and gotten the better of.” Suckers don’t think, they believe. They act from emotion, not rational thought. Suckers enjoy “giddy feelings” while their pocketbooks are being robbed and debts hung on their heirs. And suckers are always the unwitting enablers, facilitators and victims of evil.

Suckers never think “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” Suckers see the same movie over and over again, but can’t quite remember how it ends or deny they ever saw it. Suckers are uniquely equipped to deny denial itself.

I’ve seen this movie before, “Deja vu all over again.” Here’s how it ends. “We’re going to Iran next.” An Army forward intelligence “kid” back from his nth tour told me in 2006. The sabre rattling has begun a mere two weeks in and the price of crude has begun its long awaited climb.

Under Obama in 2016 the price of gas fell to $1.99 a gallon. But big oil is back, king again. It now heads our state. Oil companies will shut down more refineries claiming “just in time efficiency” to throttle supply relative to demand and drive up the price without impunity.

The price of gas and everything with it is going up, way up. Life just got tougher, not easier. Suckers always get the opposite of what’s expected. Wait. It gets much worse.

My first mortgage rate in 1978 was 8 3/4%. Under Reaganomics rates went over 12%. Before the 2016 election rates stood at 3.5%; three weeks after rates jumped to 4.25% and will go much higher.

The price of everything and cost of financing it is going to skyrocket. There go the housing and auto industries. There goes consumer confidence. There goes the economy back into the tank right where Republicans always leave it. That’s historical fact. And jobs will double because you’ll need two.

Eleven years of Reaganomics left us a record crime rate in 1991. Expect more crime, not less. And with the Devil incarnate now holding the power expect what evil craves: more terror, more war, deceit, fear, hate, anger, pain and suffering; for it has been written “you reap what you sow.”

The Republican Party is the agent of evil. Its mission is to bankrupt America and its citizenry. They are already planning adding $10 trillion to the national debt. And because of the damage that suckers do they are succeeding.

God means many different things to different people. But one thing’s for sure. God doesn’t love suckers.

Jeffrey Woollard lives in Rainbow.