Republicans must search beyond Fox for facts

Attention all partisan Republicans, ignorant Independents, and traitorous Democrats who voted for Donald Trump. Did you know that in Trump’s first hundred days the Secret Service has spent $35,000 of your tax dollars on golf cart rentals? Guess who we paid it to: Donald Trump. And that doesn’t include their meals, drinks, and lodging costs. Guess who got paid for those: Donald Trump!

At Trump’s current rate of traveling between D.C. and Florida he will have spent more money and time on the golf course in one year than Obama did in eight years. Does that embarrass all you anti-tax, anti-big government, drain the swamp fanatics; 96 percent of who still stand by their man? I didn’t think so.

Of course you will not find those facts on Fox News First Hundred Days hour. It is not ungodly (sinful), nor unpatriotic (un-American) to watch Fox News. But it is sinful and unpatriotic to watch only Fox News. The truth will set you free, seek and you will find. That doesn’t mean you know what you’re looking for in advance. That does mean you will never find the truth by being lazy in the search expecting to find it in only one place. Freedom is not free. It takes work every day. And the fall of America will come from the ignorant masses who squandered the greatest opportunity of freedom in all of time by simply knowing what is true and what is not.

Watch MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow at 9 p.m. and you will learn more in one hour than you will learn in a month watching Fox. Our own Congressman Bill Johnson recently appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes just prior to the failure of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Here’s my grade of his performance: pathetic embarrassment.

Here’s the pathetic part. Using the GOP talking points Johnson described the “three-phase” plan. In talking of Phase One he did not mention that it would literally eradicate healthcare coverage reducing it to no coverage at all while providing huge tax cuts to the super-wealthy and a boon to the health insurance industry.

Keep in mind as pointed out by an out of town letter writer just before the election that Bill Johnson does not work for you. No, he has his hands deep in the pockets of the health insurance and healthcare industries, drug companies, the Koch brothers and the gas and oil industry. Yes, that anti-abortion hate the Democrats vote sure does us all a lot of good.

He then said that Phase two would “kick in” when “innovation” entered the healthcare system. In other words Johnson has not a clue. He said that Phase Three would occur “when the jobs come back. And they are coming back, Chris.” Don’t bother counting the days that become months that become years for that to happen.

When asked by Hayes if he was concerned about the terrible mean-time impact his plan would have on his constituents in the form of non-existent coverage and truly un-affordable premiums and deductibles, this was Johnson’s reply.

“Look Chris, I was raised on a mule farm with no indoor plumbing. I know these people.” Yes, he really said that on national TV just like he so often does by filibustering his so-called telephone town hall meetings. And that’s the embarrassment part.

Your Congressman portrays all of us to the rest of the world as mule farmers living in pig sties with no indoor plumbing. Little wonder why industries don’t want to locate here bringing good jobs with them.

Congressman, here’s a word to the wise. The writings on the wall and couldn’t be plainer. The investigations are closing in and Trump’s going down. Better jump ship or you will go down with him.

Jeffrey Woollard lives in Rainbow.