Global warming is caused by overpopulation

I grew up in the Kanawha Valley during the 1960s and early 1970s. These were the days before Richard Nixon created the EPA. My father worked as a mechanical engineer for the Union Carbide Corporation across the river from St. Albans in Institute, W.Va. Unlike anything today, these were the days when air and water pollution were extreme. I remember my mother taking us shopping in Charleston, and to get there we had to go through South Charleston. This was where Union Carbide had its other plant in the Valley. The sun would be out bright and the sky would be such a pretty blue until we got to South Charleston. There would be so much smoke and smog from the power plant stacks that you could hardly see the sky. It was so dark in the middle of the day, it seemed like evening was setting in. It would be like this every day for weeks and months even after the EPA was first created and they started to mandate that the smoke stacks had to have persipertators on them to clean the air. This improved the situation gradually as the technology improved and the EPA regulations became more extreme. My father said the EPA had to operate this way, because nothing had been done to curb air pollution since the dawn of the industrial age in the late 1800s.

We would travel over the West Virginia turnpike often to go to see my grandmother in Monroe County which was close to Greenbrier County where White Sulfur Springs was located. Other times we would take Route 60 to Lewisburg, W.Va. On this route we would have to go through Alloy, W.Va., another place that Union Carbide had one of its plants. On the way there the sun would shine so brightly and the sky would be so blue that you truly appreciated God’s wonder and creation of our beautiful planet. Everything was cool until you hit Alloy. There the air pollution was so bad it was actually like driving through the dead of the night. I mean you had to put on your headlights to see where you were going, and it stayed this way until you got to the other side of Alloy. The citizens of Alloy had to breathe this air every night and day, and it stayed this way until the mid 1970s after the EPA regulations had significantly cleaned up the air. In fact this whole country was like this where ever there were factories present. That was just the way it was. It would have done no good to create an EPA until Nixon finally did, because we just did not have the technology to limit pollution until 1970.

You never heard the words global warming then. We were just relieved that progress was being made in cleaning up air and water pollution. In fact global temperature has just been measured in our world the last 100 years, and only in the last 10 years have scientist been charting the effects of global warming. Carbon emissions from power plants have been reduced dramatically not only since my youth but also since the Industrial Revolution. That constant should have decreased the effects of global warming, and cut down on hurricanes and other related weather effects. That constant being the case, there must be another constant that has changed in our world to increase the temperatures all over our planet. There is another constant that has gotten extremely worse in the world that is the true cause of global warming. That constant is the size of the world’s population. We now have almost eight billion people inhabiting our planet now. And eight billion people breathing every day produces more carbon emissions than all of the other constants in the world. Until we make a concerted effort to control our population, we will never reduce global warming. China is the only country that has put in place a method to curb population growth. Now every country must come to grips with this problem to solve this grave threat of our time. This will take a radical, moral change from the free countries on this planet, and we should set the example for our over-populated third world counterparts. We have everything we need to pull this off, but do we have the intelligence and the will. Christians will call me a radical and tell me and my ideas to be damned. But I am a Christian, too. God has always asked his people to make hard choices when it has come to survival, and He is asking us now to make the tough choices. Will we? Or will we continue to destroy both our planet and ourselves?

Joseph A. Helm III