Humpty Dumpty is falling and Republicans are to blame

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

The reason we teach impressionable children ages-old wisdom is because they will need it later on. Very few eventually learn that an object becomes unstable when its center of gravity extends beyond the periphery of its base. The rest …

To impart the rhyme unto our present time, America is Humpty and its greatest security threat is the wolf in sheep’s clothing Republican Party’s diabolical, insidious national debt. Humpty is in free fall and Republicans are totally to blame in their impenetrable denial to a well-deserved shame. Surprised? It’s historical fact.

Continuing the elementary, American pride, determination, courage, “respect for the flag,” spines of steel, shining cities on hills; none matter when you are dead broke. Applicable hyperbole: If the plot of Republican donors succeeds, every human on Earth will live in feudal city/state manors ruled by iron fisted oligarchs under the law of whim. When Republicans say they want to take your country back, they mean way back.

America is not just a place on a map. America is a very special place in time. America is an idea and every true hero that died defending it understood that. I wonder if those heroes would have second thoughts if they knew that America would fall under the weight of its own shallow citizens.

Want to honor the fallen? Don’t be shallow! Know who you are, where you’re at, what’s going on around you. Know who to blame for sending you and your grandchildren to the poor house. Look around in more than one place other than The Devil’s Network. Find deeper meanings.

Want to truly honor America as the best idea yet in all time as humanities greatest hope of saving itself from itself? Then know the difference between budget deficits and their resulting debt. When Bill O’Reilly says, “the debt was $10.6 trillion when Bush 43 left office and Obama is responsible for the rest,” then ask. Was he responsible for causing it or dealing with it?

Nixon gave us the Arab oil embargo, skyrocketing costs of living and a destroyed economy. Reagan/Bush 41 gave us “voodoo” economics, two recessions, “tax reform” that quadrupled the national debt and record crime.

Bush43 more than doubled the debt with two tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, expanded “big government,” started two wars and gave us the Great Recession leaving the global economy on the brink of collapse.

As the Rainbow Sage on watch for a long, long time I say again. The Republican Party has become the agent of evil and its mission is to bankrupt America and its citizens. It’s a long running conspiracy supported by gullible, shallow people who believe they are doing “God’s work” while ignoring the obvious evidence. Evil confuses, makes you dizzy.

Yes, the elite have spread their crumbs and evil has taken hold to such extent that America’s soul can now be sold for the price of a Costco membership. The Trump “massive” tax cuts are not cuts at all but simply deferments, debt pushed into the future.

For all the rants by Republicans about the debt under Obama, they are now borrowing a trillion dollars this year and every year to come. Anyone remember the oil filter ad slogan, “You can pay me now or you can pay me later.”

The relentless Republican assault on Humpty Dumpty with its severe jolts over 40 years has now succeeded with the Trump tax cuts. Humpty is now in free fall hurtling to its unreplaceable end. Know thyself and this. Trump is not the evil face of the Republican Party. Trump is the face of the evil Republican Party. And evil’s greatest weapon is deceit; telling lies while taking credit for other people’s works and success. Heaven will not help all that aid and abet them.

It will take a saving grace trampoline act to keep America from hitting bottom, shattering into useless pieces forever ending a dream. Obama is no longer available for another miracle act. But then again, maybe she is.

Jeffrey Woollard lives in Rainbow.