Trump’s Greatest Mistake: Winning

“The Presidency is an MRI of the soul” — David Axelrod

That includes the president’s voters, too. Trump voters are in for a big surprise come judgement day.

My recent horoscope said: Writing matters. Pour your soul out as ink onto paper… Most people would blow that off. But I’ve spent an entire life doing just that, more ink onto paper than any ten monks doing time. I’ve spent nearly two decades on these pages appealing to people’s better sides.

When it appeared imminent that Trump would win the Republican nomination, I submitted a piece never published. I guess the publisher thought I was being a little over the top in offering to take Trump in as my apprentice and lead him to “The Greatest Deal Ever Done.”

Don’t rush judgement yet. I tried to tell him. “You have it made in the shade, more wealth than you’ll ever need, you come and go as you please and no one’s sticking their nose in your business. Win or lose, you’re going to ruin your life.”

“If you lose your friends will turn on you having deprived a credible candidate a fair shot. And winning will be much, much worse. Every aspect of your life, indeed your very soul will not be just an open book but a complete library. And none of it will be pretty. You will learn deep, maybe dark secrets you wished you hadn’t and the Secret Service will hound you for the rest of your life to make sure you keep them.”

I said do this instead. “Use your leverage. Bow out gracefully (illness?) and throw your support to a credible candidate in exchange for a newly created position of U.S. Ambassador to the World. Travel the world on the taxpayer’s dime, give a speech or two, and make all the deals that go along.”

Good advice? Consider. Donald Trump already knew all of that. Well, except for that Greatest Deal Ever Done part. A good sage is hard to find when you need one. Departed campaign staffers early on said they expected at best to come in second among Republicans. It was all a publicity stunt to “build the brand.”

How else do you explain his outrageous behavior that would have immediately wiped any other candidate off the map? He did everything he possibly could do to throw the election, to disqualify his self while acting otherwise. He trusted the polls and expected to lose just like everyone else.

After all the promises of it, Donald Trump’s biggest mistake was winning. And the reason he won was underestimating the political stupidity and moral absence of the American electorate, both those who voted for him and those who didn’t vote at all.

According to Vanity Fair, Melania told Donald to put up or shut up with the thought that he could never win. After all she knows him best. She didn’t want this. And at the very moment the results were announced she broke down in tears of distraught not joy and he turned white as a ghost, both knowing they had sealed their fate on a road to ruin.

So what are we left with? For sure, the evidence is piling up. It’s pretty obvious Trump will be charged with conspiracy, obstruction, money laundering and its companion tax evasion; whether before or after impeachment.

Trump voters gave up any claim of moral authority or patriotic political credibility as time will prove.

Here’s the rub, it was obvious from the start. Pundits said a Trump victory would destroy the Republican Party to which I say. Thank you Mr. President.

Jeffrey Woollard lives in Rainbow.