Taking our freedoms for granted

Isn’t it terrible how our children are being used and exploited these days? I’m not talking about pedophiles or child porn hucksters, although today’s perpetrators are nearly as despicable.

First an instance of child exploitation in our own region. West Virginia teachers recently held the state’s children and their education hostage to extort money from the state to pad their personal paychecks. Teachers claimed they did it for the children. Really? How did missing two weeks of classroom instruction help these kids? Does an extra $100 in your paycheck each week automatically make you a better teacher? If it does, maybe you should re-examine why you want to be a teacher. When I was a student, we looked up to most of our teachers as ethical, responsible adults. What these teachers are teaching our children are that your signature on a contract or your word has no meaning. Is this what we want our children to learn? If teachers feel they’re not making enough money or don’t have good enough benefits, then when contract time comes around again, negotiate better wages and benefits. That is the proper, ethical, legal and responsible way to do business.

Those two weeks wasted on an illegal vacation could have better been put to use in the classroom teaching history and the Constitution.

This brings us to our second example of the exploitation of our children today, by gun-banners and left-wing politicians.

For decades the left has been trying to disarm America. These efforts have been mainly unsuccessful because there are still enough of us around who understand what our founding fathers were talking about and why they gave us the “Bill of Rights.”

Students today are not taught history. Very few of them coming out of our high schools or colleges know anything at all about history B.C., and by B.C. I’m not talking about Before Christ, I’m talking about Before Cell phones.

Our Founding Fathers, when they wrote the Constitution, had just finished fighting a fierce battle for freedom to throw off the heavy hand of an oppressive government. They risked their fortunes and their very lives in a struggle to gain freedom.

As we become further removed from the Revolution, the Civil War, and the perilous risk to freedom of both world wars, we seem to take for granted and value our freedoms less.

The Founding Fathers understood tyrannical government, so after penning the Constitution, their first priority was to assure that it couldn’t happen here. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution were a gift to us to guarantee our freedoms from our own government. After offering the First Amendment, the right to free speech, free press, right to assemble, etc., they realized our rights wouldn’t be worth the paper they were written on without a means to defend them. Subsequently, the Second Amendment was drafted, the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment is the one right that guarantees all of our other rights. Without the Second Amendment all of our other rights are worthless! Are you all willing to give up our hard won and diligently defender rights? Are you so anxious to live like the subjects (not citizens, subjects) in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea or Cuba? I’m not! But it can’t happen here, you say. Right — Easter Bunny, check’s in the mail, I’ll respect you in the morning, etc.

If there is one thing and one thing only that we need to teach our children, it is to be afraid of a government that wants to disarm its citizens. B-E V-E-R-Y A-F-R-A-I-D!

If your children who think it’s so cool to travel to D.C. and be on T.V. and in the newspapers and be used by anti-gun, anti-freedom zealots really want to make a difference, I’ll tell you how.

Instead of trying to control me and my constitutionally protected, legal rights, learn to control your spoiled, self-centered uneducated selves! If you really want to save students’ lives (and others), don’t focus on the couple of dozen (yes, that’s a couple of dozen too many) students killed in classrooms each year. If you really want to get more bang for your buck when it comes to saving lives, outlaw cell phones!

There are hundreds, surely thousands maimed and killed on our highways each year by teens and others texting or talking and driving! Where’s the outrage? By sheer numbers alone you activists should be all over this. Lobby automakers and cell phone makers to install technology on all vehicles that disables cell phones the instant a vehicle is put into gear. We have the technology. Lobby legislators to pass laws mandating manufacturers to do this. If you’re serious about savings lives and not just grandstanding, then prove it. I’ll be watching.

Steven O. Hart