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What's for dinner? Soy? Oh boy

May 17, 2009 - Erin O'Neill
OK, so I've never been a health nut. I tried to be a vegetarian when I was in high school for moral reasons but I realized that a good steak ranks right up there with a day on the beach, a glass of wine and a cheesy chick flick --- I don't get to enjoy these things very often but when I do...oh boy.

I've done my share of fad dieting - Adkins, ugh - caviar, really? Slim Fast - good if you like to drink chalk. Weight Watchers has been successful, but I don't have the patience to pay that much attention to what I am eating.

It's been a challenge to prepare good and healthy meals for one and a half people. Foods just aren't packaged that way. They're designed for people who have large enough families to consume two pounds of chicken and rice, or they're designed for the single person on the go who doesn't care all that much about what they eat because 'hey, I'll burn it off at the gym later.'

Needless to say, I tend to go for meals that are easy and won't leave a lot of left overs (it's a phobia--I'm trying to deal with it).

Most likely, this isn't the best thing for a growing toddler, especially one who seems to have chronic potty problems. *Warning - all ye who dare to enter the world of 'potty talk' have hereby been warned*

Probably since she was born, my daughter has been constipated but since she is able to communicate her discomfort, I have been much more aware of it. Constant tummy aches, painful trips to the toilet, overall crankiness. So I've been monitoring whats he eats and a lot of it is cow milk-based: cheese, yogurt, chocolate milk.

Of course, all of the marketing of soy milk prompted me to assume that she is lactose intolerant and we should try something different. New research has shown that, while diarrhea used to be the main symptom of lactose intolerance, many children with milk allergies suffer from chronic constipation So I picked up a half gallon of lite vanilla soy milk.

After the fact, I decided to research the "benefits" of soy and found that, according to some studies, soy is not as healthy as the soybean industry would like you to believe. In fact, it has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and fertility problems. Great. A little bout of constipation is not sounding so bad.

BUT THEN after further researching the negatives of soy, I realized that many of the studies were funded in part by the dairy community.

What the heck? It's all very confusing. Who knows what to believe anymore? Especially with the Internet. I always say I hate the internet because I'd rather be in the dark on a lot of things.

But I guess we'll try the soy milk for a little while, cut back on the cheese and yogurt and talk to a doctor.

And in the meantime, I'm going to ignore all the warnings that tell you not to eat certain foods because, if we believed it all, life would be a lot less fun.


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