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During the past few years, our NIE program has grown increasingly popular. More than 100 teachers in our local schools use The Marietta Times in their classrooms on a regular basis. There are so many good reasons to use the news to teach. Research conducted by The Newspaper Association of America has shown that:

Students who are part of an NIE program have an increased awareness of the world and their communities and have a more positive attitude toward school.
Reading the newspaper helps students become better spellers, have larger vocabularies and have higher achievement scores in social studies, language arts and mathematics than their matched counterparts who relied only on textbooks.

Newspaper use seems to improve verbal interactions, student motivation and student behavior.

Here are 10 more good reasons to use newspapers in the classroom:

1. Newspapers contain something for every student: science as it happens, editorials on current topics, entertainment highlights, real math problems, classified ads, news, sports, weather, editorials, comics and so much more.

2. Newspapers are "living textbooks" and write history as it unfolds, while creating interest in current events. This provides the motivation for reading and discussion.

3. Newspapers bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

4. Newspapers are extremely adaptable to all curriculum areas and grade levels.

5. Newspapers can be cut, marked on, clipped, pasted, filed and recycled.

6. Newspapers in the classroom help make teaching more creative, challenging and fun.

7. Newspapers contain practical vocabulary and the best models of clear, concise writing.

8. Newspapers build good reading habits that will last a lifetime.

9. Newspapers contribute to independent reading, improved vocabulary, enhanced comprehension, critical thinking and improved reading and writing skills.

10. Newspapers enhance classroom projects and promote cooperative team efforts.




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