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Snow removal a tough job that many just don’t appreciate

January 25, 2016 Snow removal crews have a thankless job. They are always in demand when the snow flies, but not at the place we want them to address. more »»

Be smart when out in the snow

January 22, 2016 A large chunk of the country, including the Mid-Ohio Valley, finds itself snowed in this weekend after a major winter storm blew in late Friday and was expected to linger part of Saturda. more »»

Medical marijuana could still find favor

January 22, 2016 Ohioans who shot down a get-rich-quick marijuana legalization scheme last year may vote differently if looking at a ballot issue allowing medicinal use of the drug. more »»

Fresh ideas to combat bullying welcomed

January 21, 2016 On Tuesday morning, Marietta Middle School students showed up to something special taped on their lockers—notes with positive messages. more »»

Party loyalty trumps constituents’ opinions

January 20, 2016 Celebrations of victories against President Barack Obama’s assault on coal and affordable electricity have tended to be short-lived. more »»

Give blood! It’s safe, easy and need is high

January 19, 2016 There’s a reason January is set aside as National Blood Donor Month. Blood donations tend to drop off during winter months because of illness and bad weather. more »»

City Council wish lists a first step to 2016 success

January 18, 2016 We’re glad to see Marietta’s City Council members express their priorities for this year and commend their confidence by making their wish lists publi. more »»

Ohio needs online voter registration

January 16, 2016 Ohioans can do a variety of things from the comfort and convenience of their homes, providing they have computers with Internet connections. They can send money and get mone. more »»

A little cooperation needed on Groves Ave.

January 15, 2016 Groves Avenue, also known as Slaughterhouse Hill, is a great shortcut for those heading between Ohio 676 and Gilman Avenue and is often used for residential and business purposes. more »»

Case isn’t closed on climate change

January 14, 2016 Whether the science on energy-related issues is settled apparently depends on whether it is politically correct. more »»

Efforts in W.Va. to increase tourists make sense

January 13, 2016 The more out-of-state nature lovers who view West Virginia as truly wild and wonderful, the more of them will visit the state — expanding its tourism industry and providing new jobs. more »»

Buckle up to survive a crash

January 12, 2016 News about highway safety in Ohio came with an implied warning recently for travelers everywhere: Buckle up. Highways in general have become steadily safer for several years. more »»

Cash Mobs put a new twist on shopping

January 11, 2016 Shopping can be fun, really! And now, thanks to Cash Mob Mondays, it’s fun to shop in downtown Marietta. Cash Mob Mondays are a monthly event put on by Marietta Main Street. more »»

Police need all of the information

January 9, 2016 Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice might be alive today if Cleveland police officers had been told they might be about to confront a kid with a pellet gun. more »»

Be careful heating your home this winter

January 8, 2016 Just this week, three Washington County homes have been destroyed by fire, and another damaged. Another fire was sparked at a Marietta park and a home across the state line in Davisville, W.V. more »»

Education, training keys to filling Ohio job openings

January 7, 2016 Ohioans got some good news about the economy during the fall, when the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reported there were 240,000 job openings in the state. more »»

Tamir Rice tragedy an avoidable incident

January 6, 2016 Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice might be alive today if Cleveland police officers had been told they might be about to confront a kid with a pellet gun. more »»

America: Don’t mess with new visa rule

January 5, 2016 Members of Congress were right to tighten visa requirements for citizens of 38 countries who formerly did not have to possess the documents to travel to the United States. more »»

Zimmer carved her niche in Marietta history

January 4, 2016 Louise Zimmer wasn’t born in Marietta, but she knew our city’s historical stories better than anyone. more »»

Ohio coaches should know symptoms of heart trouble

January 2, 2016 High school sports, including football, are much safer than many people may understand. more »»



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