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Waterford High School hits century mark

December 5, 2015 In the age of progress where the old is often cast aside for the new, most infrastructure, public buildings, and businesses built during the early 1900s have long since been replaced. more »»

Stigma and mental illness

November 28, 2015 More than 50 million adults in the United States live with a mental health or substance use disorder. That is roughly 25% of the adult population. more »»

Harmar elementary creates community feeling

November 28, 2015 “They may forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel.” As a beginning principal at Reno School, I learned the value and power in the feeling of “community. more »»

Crash of The Tomahawk Warrior

November 21, 2015 Saul J. Kempner, navigator of The Tomahawk Warrior, implies in his diary that the crew was nearing completion of their missions in World War II. more »»

A Sun Tax and Un-Patriotism

November 21, 2015 Going solar tends to be expensive at first, but over time it is supposed to alleviate or altogether get rid of your electric bill, right? (In addition to “being green” and off the grid, at least for... more »»

Kempner’s Diary: The Tomahawk Warrior

November 7, 2015 During the first week in June 1944, The Tomahawk Warrior flew missions seven and eight hitting the western German defenses in France along the English Channel. more »»

‘Self-chosen ignorance:’ In China, the great mass remain ‘a sack of potatoes’

November 7, 2015 Hillel the Elder once said, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I?” Regrettably, Hillel’s teaching cannot be applied to today’s China. more »»

Natural gas replaces coal

October 31, 2015 The winds of change are sweeping across Ohio. In large parts of the Ohio River Valley where coal once powered industries, a clean energy revolution is under way. more »»

Review of city code under way

October 31, 2015 Caring community members began early this year reviewing Marietta’s Codified Ordinances or in other words, the 600 plus pages of laws Marietta City Council has passed in the past 60 years to govern... more »»

Phillips Elementary partners with MC

October 31, 2015 Educating children requires collaboration from all participants that are stake- holders in the success of the learning process. more »»

Saul Kempner’s diary: The Tomahawk warrior

October 24, 2015 Each day hundreds of the men and women who make up the Greatest Generation — soldiers, support personnel, and suppliers of war materials during World War II — give up their earthly existence, one... more »»

Doing nothing isn’t an option

October 24, 2015 Last month’s article, “One pill, one time, no second chances,” told a powerful story of a single fatal mistake made by Cole Ryan Smoot, a young man in Carlisle, Ohio, who decided to take a... more »»

In China, the intellectuals have a different responsibility

October 24, 2015 In the Western cultural tradition, the intellectuals, as French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described, are the “moral conscience of their age. more »»

Councilman outlines city government’s accomplishments

October 24, 2015 It’s easy to forget all the things that have been done by your elected City government officials as you consider whom to vote for in this year’s electio. more »»

Clinton bursts Benghazi bubble

October 24, 2015 Once again the House Republicans have demonstrated their talent for wretched excess, in their effort to use the 2012 terrorist attack on Benghazi to harpoon Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. more »»

Fort Frye athletic boosters thank supporters

October 17, 2015 This letter serves as a note of appreciation and thanks to the many participants, sponsors and volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts to the 13th Annual Fort Frye Athletic Booster Golf... more »»

In China, the intellectuals have a different responsibility

October 17, 2015 In the Western cultural tradition, the intellectuals, as French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described, are the “moral conscience of their age. more »»

James Patten’s poor but interesting life

October 10, 2015 James Patten died in Belpre Township on January 31, 1827. The appraisal and settlement of his estate provide a final glimpse of his difficult life and poor circumstances. more »»

Heroin continues as epidemic in local community

October 10, 2015 In 2002, we experienced an epidemic in our community and more than 13 years later it still remains. What am I talking about? Heroin. more »»

One pill, one time, no second chances

September 26, 2015 Source: Cole’s story is reprinted by the permission of his mother, Danielle Smoot. more »»



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