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Open govt. requires transparency

March 21, 2015 Withholding information, or even appearing to keep the public at arm’s length, creates a breach of trust between the American people and our institutions of government. more »»

India-Japan partnership: The soft containment of China

March 21, 2015 China’s ascent in less than one generation to become the most powerful country in Asia has caused a hasty reordering of power in the Asia-Pacific and pushed Asia’s two most important democracies,... more »»

Ohio public records law mess

March 21, 2015 In 1963, the Ohio General Assembly fashioned the state’s first open records law. more »»

A media conspiracy that’s good for you

March 21, 2015 Each spring for 10 years now, a vast media conspiracy has rolled across the hills and plains of this nation. more »»

The Obamas’ Second Act

March 14, 2015 Is it possible the future could be changed by the musings of a lone sage printed in an obscure daily newspaper? It would take the Washington County Democrats to do their job for what is best for... more »»

Beginnings of Beverly College

March 14, 2015 At one time Beverly had a fine opera house, a tri-county fair, circuses, foundries, and, for more than half a century, a college. more »»

Fluoride in water: Mass drugging of a population

March 14, 2015 More proof that fluoridation is a bad idea. A news piece from The Telegraph on Feb. 24, a British newspaper, reports on scientists warning over the negative effects of water fluoridation. more »»

Police and people in mental crisis: CIT is coming

March 7, 2015 I should preface what I am about to say by stressing that I am not a cop-hate. more »»

Ban on 5.56 ammo is political

March 7, 2015 In an effort that has been culminating for the past few years since some of the most publicized mass killings being played out in the mainstream media, as well as government calling for more... more »»

LEPC helps in a crisis

March 7, 2015 What is the LEPC? First, the letters LEPC stand for “Local Emergency Planning Committee”. more »»

Waterford Cemetery: Last 4 additions

February 28, 2015 The third addition (D, see map), added on Oct. 28, 1925, was the first part of the cemetery south of Sunset Lane. Byron E. (a trustee) and Ida J. Ullman Hill sold . more »»

The Rule of Law in China

February 28, 2015 The late MIT political scientist and Sinologist Lucian Pye once famously advised that the starting point for understanding China “is to recognize that China is not just another nation-state in the... more »»

Meningitis bigger threat than Ebola

February 28, 2015 In the morning he had a headache. By the afternoon he had died. I discovered his body. My 26- year-old son died of meningitis. There was not much that anyone could do — then — to help him. more »»

Reno property owner supports Oriana House

February 21, 2015 Like many citizens of Reno, I attended the townhall meeting last week that was set up to discuss and voice opinions on the Oriana House. more »»

Agency offers guidance, services

February 21, 2015 It’s time again to remind all of Washington County citizens what the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority is and what role we play in economic development in our county. more »»

Ohio friendlier to businesses

February 21, 2015 Why did I wait so long to be my own boss? That’s a question, often tinged with a hint of regret that I hear from small-business owners when they share their success stories with other aspiring... more »»

Converting wells at Career Center full of risks

February 20, 2015 A letter to the Washington County Career Center Board of Education: I attended your board meeting on Feb. 12, 2015 and very much appreciate your openness to hearing from your neighbors. more »»

Halfway house can be source of pride

February 19, 2015 I attended a community meeting in Reno Tuesday night designed to provide information regarding the establishment of a halfway house for drug and alcohol counseling. more »»

Safer for walking, biking

February 14, 2015 A group of 29 people gathered Monday at Marietta Traffic Commission to speak about pedestrian safety in our fair cit. more »»

Kasich’s tax plan makes Ohio more attractive

February 14, 2015 Why did I wait so long to be my own boss? That’s a question, often tinged with a hint of regret that I hear from small-business owners when they share their success stories with other aspiring... more »»



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