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Garrison says she will work with others

October 4, 2014 Let me start by saying I love this country and what it represents. Our nation stands for freedom, and opportunity for those who work hard, regardless of their family’s adjusted gross income. more »»

Early release upsets victim’s grandmother

October 2, 2014 I just recently learned that the man responsible for the death of my beautiful grandson, Connar Hilton, who drowned in the bathtub in March 2013, has been released from prison after serving only... more »»

Stop trash talking about Andy Thompson

October 2, 2014 To Andy Thompson’s opponent: Your supporters have disgraced themselves and you for the lies being told. First of all: “Remember Ormet - Fire Andy” — what a farce. more »»

Dennis the ideal choice to represent our area

October 1, 2014 Yolan Dennis is running for state representative and her lifelong commitment to the healthcare and well-being of our fellow members of the 94th District makes her the ideal choice. more »»

Take a close look at Republicans’ track record

September 30, 2014 Why all the ugly hate mail in my box from the Republican Party, smearing Charlie Daniels? This is expensive, varnished, two sided card stock filled with unsupported insinuations, blaming Daniels for... more »»

Ohio House needs someone like Dennis

September 29, 2014 I met Yolan Dennis in 1968 when I entered high school at Waterford. She is still the smiling, smart, sensible country woman that I have remembered for the last 46 years. more »»

Andy Thompson is a fighter for what matters

September 27, 2014 If “fighting” for a cause means attending rallies and shouting slogans, any schlub can be called a political fighte. more »»

So what does diversity mean for Christians?

September 27, 2014 Today the word “diversity” has become a banner for those who promote the philosophy of “anything goes.” But what exactly does the word “diversity’ mean? It means “difference(s)”. more »»

Rep’s participation in 2012 protest is embarrassing

September 26, 2014 I have never been so embarrassed or ashamed of an elected official. more »»

Muskingum Drive traffic a hazard to dogs, cats, etc.

September 25, 2014 Muskingum Drive traffic a hazard to dogs, cats, etc. I live on Muskingum Drive. The speed limit is 35 mph, but hardly anyone follows that law. This road is highly traveled (a lot of semi trucks). more »»

Johnson can’t really call himself a leader

September 24, 2014 I have been watching politics for a long time and am very interested in the race between Jennifer Garrison and Bill Johnson. more »»

Stand up for the good in public schools

September 23, 2014 Public schools are a critical component of an informed, democratic society and the American way of life. more »»

Energy costs killed Ormet, not state rep

September 22, 2014 Recently I have seen signs around Marietta that say, “Remember Ormet and fire Andy Thompson.” Ormet’s demise had nothing to do with Andy Thompson. more »»

David Barton was an impressive speaker

September 22, 2014 I am amused by the previous letters to the editor and the protesters of David Barton. I listened very carefully to what Mr. more »»

Food pantry is thankful for community support

September 20, 2014 A big thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Marietta for giving out children’s reading books and pencils during the Washington County Fair Parade and for collecting donations for the Marietta Community... more »»

Barton isn’t as bad as some suggest

September 20, 2014 I’m sorry that a recent letter writer feels slapped in the face by the choice of Republican dinner speaker David Barto. more »»

Stop selling military ware to Middle East

September 20, 2014 As a retired military guy, I am absolutely baffled by the situation in Iraq. Since 1950 the United States have made over $80 billion in military sales to Saudi Arabia. more »»

Support candidates who support working class

September 20, 2014 With only eight days left in the House of Representatives in Washington before elections, do you think they could pass a bill to raise the minimum wage for the country to $10. more »»

Don’t support candidates who are part of the ‘progressive’ movement

September 20, 2014 What is the commander and chief and part-time president thinking? As our nation is facing a high level of terrorist plots, goes on national television and said “We don’t have a strategy to deal with... more »»



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